Applied Research informs the work we do

What's New: Research and Development

The underpinnings of the Centre's applied research fosters immigrant advancement.

The Centre is a leader in the development of learning resources, curricula and methodology in English language learning, workplace training and intercultural competence. We collaborate with government, post-secondary organizations, and community and industry partners to conduct research that furthers our goals of inclusive teaching and learning communities. 

Through the work we do, we strive to foster global learning by leveraging our expertise to offer lasting contributions. Learn more about our applied research projects.

Centre Spotlight

Fresh Perspectives 2013

A publication showcasing some of the innovations and impacts of applied research at BVC. Learn about a Centre project that supports internationally educated learners at the College through the development of cross-departmental collaborations for professional development.

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BVC Research Projects

At Bow Valley College, we are committed to contributing to the knowledge base of adult learning through knowledge transfer and dissemination. Our faculty and staff engage in applied  research to improve learning and teaching in adult education in the classroom, workplace, and the community.

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Applied Research and Evaluation

Applied research is one of the pillars of BVC Vision 2020. Applied Research and Evaluation supports applied research endeavours throughout BVC, offering a variety of services to help faculty, staff, and learners build their capacity in research.

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