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Online Orientation to ESL for ALL

  • Online Orientation to ESL for ALL

The following blog post was written by Jennifer Acevedo, a faculty member at the Centre for Excellence in Immigrant and Intercultural Advancement.

The Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks is now offering an online course for ESL literacy practitioners that provides an orientation to the new CCLB literacy document: Canadian Language Benchmarks: ESL for Adult Literacy Learners (ALL).

An Online Orientation to ESL for ALL, is a self-paced, asynchronous online course that is designed to take approximately 20 hours to complete. The purpose of the course is to support practitioners in using Canadian Language Benchmarks: ESL for Adult Literacy Learners. in their work with ESL literacy learners. It includes readings, slide casts, videos, quizzes and reflections focused using the ESL for ALL document in the classroom.

Created by Bow Valley College, the course capitalizes on the knowledge and expertise of ESL literacy instructors at the Centre for Excellence in Immigrant and Intercultural Advancement. The course highlights key content from ESL for ALL and provides practitioners with opportunities to connect the document content to their teaching practice.

The course includes information on:

  • the purpose, layout, and content of ESL for ALL
  • the diverse characteristics and unique learning needs of ESL literacy learners
  • effective teaching strategies and approaches
  • the Continuum of Literacy Skills, and the underlying reading and writing skills involved in language tasks
  • sample tasks and a suggested layout for the delivery of language tasks in the literacy classroom
  • how to incorporate content from the book into the ESL literacy classroom

Two recorded webinars that highlight key information from the course are also available for viewing:



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